Soul Care

How to Get Unstuck (In Writing and In Life)

“The writer’s job is to tell the truth.” - Ernest Hemingway I’ve been stuck since the new year began. I had a writing rhythm and lost it. Once you lose your stride, it’s hard to regain it. If you feel like a kid who’s fallen off their bike and find it daunting to...


The Girl Who Lost Her Voice

“I’m a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That’s me.” - Maya Angelou Today, I present to you the one and only, Maya Angelou. As anxieties about a worldwide pandemic give way to anxieties about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we can find strength in her story...


An MLK Story

“Do you not know that a leader and a great man has fallen in Israel this day?” (2 Samuel 3:38) I was seven years old when the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I’ll never forget the non-stop announcements on the radio in our home. As a little boy in...

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