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Do you ever feel stuck?

Like you’re getting in your own way? 

I had a coach ask me these questions earlier in my career and they hit home. There were more questions she could have asked me:

  • Are you tired of going it alone without a safe place to process challenges?
  • Are you weary of working on your weaknesses?
  • Are you worn down by contentious team dynamics?

Over the course of 31 years as a pastor, counselor, and coach, I’ve come to see that our obstacles aren’t always out there. Sometimes they’re between our own two ears in the form of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, an inner critic, and more. Sound familiar?

If you’re tired of feeling stuck or that you’re getting in your own way, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Steve Garcia and I’m in your corner. With warmth, humor, and a non-judgemental faith-based approach, I am passionate about breathing life into a leader’s weary soul. As a certified StrengthsFinder coach, I help leaders like you level-up personally and professionally. 

My Coaching Philosophy: I believe that each of us have AWESOME strengths and LIMITING blind spots that are all a part of how God made us. To go from good to great, we need to know ourselves so that we can mature our strengths and account for our blind spots. 

Wherever you are on your journey, I can help you find Health, Happiness, and High Impact in your life and leadership!

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