The first blogs were online diaries. People just journaled about their travels, what they did that day, or what was on their mind. Not many people would read what they wrote, so they were more or less stream-of-consciousness posts for no one in particular. Now they’re marketing, messaging, branded content, and more. No one may look at your post (I have 82 YouTube subscribers and maybe 450 people on my email list), but there’s still pressure to do something that looks and sounds good. Pressure plugs up creativity, so that’s not good.

In the past, I’ve announced my blog entries to my list, and only after polishing them up as well as I can. That’s not what I’m doing here. This is me writing what’s on my mind for no one in particular. Although it’s here, so you’re welcome to peruse it. I’m just not competing with anyone for your time and attention. Just sharing thoughts. I may announce articles that seem noteworthy, but this is for just you and me.

I’m a much better starter than a finisher. But you can’t finish what you don’t start. So I’ve started blogging again.

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