The Thing That’s Holding You Back

It took an actual horse to teach me some horse sense.


This poor critter is held down by a plastic deck chair. He has no idea how easily he could yank it into the air and take it for a ride. As the meme says, sometimes the thing that is holding you back is all in your head.

It’s been weeks since I last reached out to you because I’ve been over-thinking it way too much. In my head, I need 5 hours to write, edit, and complete a post. It’s as though it’s not good enough unless I’ve pulled an all-nighter to pull it off. Ugh.

Do you have the same problem I have? Do you put too much pressure on yourself? Remember what G.K. Chesterton said:

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”

I remember a stump in my back yard. It was shaved off down to the lawn, but it was two-feet wide and hard as a rock. When we played in the backyard, we had to avoid falling on it for fear of cracking our skulls open. Then one day, I hit it with a pick axe…and it budged. I hit it again and it moved. Then I realized it was only hard on the outside. The underbelly of the thing had long-since decomposed to saw dust. When I finally had the nerve to deal with it, it peeled away like a piece of old carpet.

I’m not a natural-born writer. Nor am I consistent at much of anything. So a week without hitting “Publish” quickly becomes a month. Then I get intimidated at the prospect of writing at all. Do you feel me?

So here I am, writing you to say “hi” and to reconnect as a coaching voice in your life. The truth is, I haven’t written this summer because I’ve been living large, traveling, and staying present to my day job and to my loved ones. I need not feel ashamed because this has been an awesome summer with many wins in it. The fall is promising too. I hope the same is true for you.

In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to experiment with simpler, shorter posts more consistently. I hope that will make it easier for you to get a lift from what I publish.

How About You?

I am here to help you recharge your batteries, to think about life, to learn about leadership, and get your business done. If you are a servant-leader, I’m especially here for you because I serve the people who serve the people.

So leave a reply below and tell me about your hopes for the upcoming school year:

  1. What’s on your Wish list for this fall?
  2. What would be the awesome Outcome of achieving said wishes?
  3. What Obstacles are holding you back?
  4. What are your Plans to overcome those obstacles?

That’s it. No more over-thinking things. Let’s take that chair for a ride around the yard and toss that dead tree trunk into the compost pile.

much love,


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  • The rule of Silicone Valley is “fail fast; fail cheap,” and the first rule of the video game industry is “leave your ego at the door.” It’s simple, it’s hard, and I’m so bad at it. I want to make a big splash with my projects right out of the gate. But it’s not until I reach out for feedback and playtest them that I figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    The problem with game design is that all of the answers to all of your questions sound like common sense, but so do all of the wrong answers, and besides the little bit of the principles we have discovered about good design, usually the only way to know which right sounding answer to go with is to try it and fail. That, or succeed and realize you’re no genius because someone just as talented and hardworking could have made the wrong choice in that situation because it’s so hard to know what the right one is. With the Bible, we have some black and white rules to bank on, but God didn’t tell us how to do everything. So here’s to failure and the hope that all of us can learn to embrace it.


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