Christmas on Credit (Two Words: Don’t Do It)

Hola, Friends & Familia,

I’m back with my second coaching video of all time. And in this video, less is more. By that, I mean that this┬ávideo is half as long as my first — right at 3:04. Wow!

Watch “Christmas on Credit” 3-Minute Coaching

At any rate, in this video, I offer you (or someone you love) both a sympathetic voice AND a stern, no-nonsense challenge to make good decisions.

You don’t want to get a letter like this, do you? No, you don’t.

So join me for a fun little lecture on the folly of fooling around with credit cards and other debt vehicles. Those vehicles will run you into trouble!

Oh! And I promise this link as well. It’s a super helpful article for anyone who wants specifics on how to avoid a debt-induced holiday hangover.

The Christmas Budget You’ve Always Wanted (link to article)

Please leave your questions, comments, and stories in the Comments box.

Mucho amor, Steve

Click Here to Watch Video

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