3 Tips for a Better Body Faster (Guaranteed!*)

Suns Out, Guns Out

Summer is coming and you may want to get in shape for a wedding, a reunion, or to look great at the pool. Besides, your doctor says you need to take better care of yourself…or else. If Health & Self-Care are important to you and you’re ready for better results without the brain damage of elaborate goals, this article is for you.

Bonus: The Secrets Found in This Article Apply to More Than Your Body

What I want to share with you can help you in many more areas than your Physical Health & Self-Care. These three tips can help you get your financial life in order or a household project done. Anywhere you need better results faster than you’re getting them now, I’ve got three quick & dirty productivity tips for you.

Tip #1: Let Pain Pave The Way

“Leadership is a personal quest you undertake, one based on a mission that troubles your heart.” – Harriet Rubin, FastCompany Magazine

You know what I hate? My gut. Seriously. It just sits there stubbornly refusing to yield to my workout regimen. Sure it keeps me from seeing the numbers on the scale, but it still pains me a little.

But that has been a good thing. We don’t make changes apart from pain. If my heart is not troubled, I usually won’t get serious. So if you’re sick of being overweight or of always being broke, you might be on your way to a win. Listen, the pain is there. You’re just using food or other addictive behaviors to numb it. Get on a mission to address what’s got you sick and tired. Put your pain to work for you and you’ll be ready for my next tip.

Tip #2: Ask For What You Really Really Want

Life Coach Kathy Swigle says we need to be bold, honest and ask for what we really, really want. Say, “I really really want to get in shape.” Or, “I really, really want to de-clutter my bedroom.” Or, “I really, really want to find my God-given life partner.” Basically, name what it is that would be a dream come true to achieve.

These are what we call, “Big Hairy Audacious God-things”. It’s what you would ask God to do for you if you really believed He was caring, compassionate, and capable of the impossible.

So, what is it you really, really want to change? Say it. Ask loudly and clearly for something you want badly enough to take steps to get. Don’t worry about concocting a detailed blueprint or plan, because tip #3 removes all the brain damage and can get you better results faster.

Tip #3: Let’s Get Ready to Stumble (Upon Solutions)

This is counterintuitive. It will involve faith in God’s unseen hand of providence. But when we get serious about what’s eating at us and begin to ask for miracles, God will often meet us there. It takes persistence, but it’s not really about what you can do, but about what He can do. And what He can do is direct your path to people, programs, resources, and solutions you would never have discovered yourself.

For example, I had no plan to join a workout group. But one day, all the exercise bikes at the gym were taken. So I wandered about and stumbled upon a body pump class. I strolled in, did the class, and was like, “I can do this and it would be great for my gut.” Now it’s my weekly habit and I’m getting a better body.

To summarize…

  1. You need to give some thought to the rocks in your shoe — to your pain. When someone asks if you’re pregnant one time too many, you’re on your way. Seriously, if I get asked that question one more time, I’m going to scream.
  2. Identify what you really, really want to change. Michael Hyatt calls this, “finding your why”. Ask God to help you drill down to your deep motivators and prayers.
  3. Get ready to stumble upon solutions. When you see a solution, jump on it. There’s no need to overthink things. 80% of success is behavior.

Act on these three tips for a better body faster. I guarantee you will see better results faster than if you do nothing or if you waste your time overthinking the goal-setting process. These three tips have worked for me and can work for you.

Think About It…

  1. What’s the pain that’s troubling your heart?
  2. What do you really, really want?
  3. Are you ready to stumble upon unexpected solutions and act on them?


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Great article Steve!
In regards to your first point, I agree and I think that any of our addictions could be largely summed up as being caused by what the first point discussed: the lack of healing to wounds other than the addiction itself; that they are a symptom. Even if it’s not an addiction, our harmless escapes are allowing problems to go on. We can’t solve everything all the time, so that is why escapes exist and why they can be good, but if left unattended, even Netflix, games, and snacks can be the cause of our negligence which brings out the worst in us.


    Michael, you’re awesome. And you’re right: we become vulnerable to addictive behaviors when we have unacknowledged or untreated pain. At least, I do.
    Thanks for posting your comment.


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