The Get Your Business Done Approach

What Kind of Leader are You?

Are you a seasoned veteran, just starting out, or somewhere in the middle game? Wherever you find yourself in any of the following seasons, my approach to leadership can serve you!

Experienced leaders are critical to our world. You hold power and influence, also a huge responsibility to support people who rely on you. Where do you go when you’re weary? Do you have a safe place to talk about tough decisions at work, challenges at home, or questions about your future? Without resources to ground your leadership, it can be lonely for the person in charge. I help seasoned leaders think things through big decisions, complex conflicts, and strategic visions. As a senior pastor for 21 years, I have the experience to help you get to the next level. 

Emerging leaders are the hope of the future. But no need to wait till then– in fact, the world can’t afford you to wait! You may feel the need to take the next step right now. But what is it? Get more schooling? More experience? Should you move somewhere new? As young leaders, it’s important to find your voice, discover your strengths, and become comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t just happen and it’s not good to try to do it alone. You need to find (and then become) a good boss. And you need mentors, coaches, and guides to keep you out of the danger zone. Having coached dozens of leaders at the beginning of their career (and made it through challenges myself), I can help you get started on your path.

In the middle game of life, there is a lot going on. You may have grown beyond the challenges of your early career, but now are busy raising a family or getting established in other areas. If this sounds like you, I know that the one constant thing is change. And change is hard. Even when it’s welcome (a new job or an exciting move, for example) there’s a lot to juggle. And when the change or transition is unwelcome (a diagnosis, a layoff, a broken relationship) it can be overwhelming. I have counseled people through everything above and more, and specialize in helping people in transition take stock and regain their stride.

Do any of these strike a chord? If so, here are three desired outcomes I can offer you:

  1. Health — I can help you to do the self-care, the soul care, and the people care you need to do. Physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and otherwise, I can help you get this important business done.
  2. Happiness — I know. We’re not supposed to care about ourselves,…we’re Christians, right? Our families can take one for the team, our spouses can get the leftovers, and we can burn ourselves out for God, right? Wrong. I can help you love your life, your ministry, and those who really need you.
  3. High Impact — You need to be awesome at what you do. You need to be reliable, trustworthy, and competent. Your church, your community, and the world at large should be better off because of you. Your organization should have top-notch leadership in you. I can help fill the gaps and take your contribution to another level.
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