About Me

Hey. Steve Garcia here – Pastor, Coach, People-lover.

I’ll help you assess where you are, clarify where you want to be, and chart a course to get there, even if you’re feeling at a loss right now.

I know something about loss.

My family has suffered profound losses, as many of you have. During my teen years, confusion and pain had me down for the count. My Savior entered my life and it was a game-changer. Anyone who knew me back then knows how true this is.

I went from the outhouse to the White House. In my youthful zeal, I soon felt the call to pastoral work and was off to Bible college and seminary.

But I learned quickly that it would take more than zeal to lead people effectively. Charm and personality only go so far. I would need to work hard to learn the lessons of leadership. I would need to earn the right to be heard.

It did not come easy.

Many leadership skills do come naturally to me. I find planning, casting vision, gathering people together, detail work, follow-through, and of course, punctuality, really elusive.

So I have devoted my entire life to learning the art and science of leadership.

QUESTION: How do you become a great leader?

ANSWER: By making good decisions.

QUESTION: How do you make good decisions?

ANSWER: Wisdom.

QUESTION: How do you gain wisdom?

Answer: Bad decisions.

I’ve made a fool of myself plenty of times in my efforts to become a leader. If there’s a bonehead move, I’ve made it. If you find it leadership a challenge, I feel your pain. I can help you lead more effectively.

Whether your arena is the arts, business, education, or government; whether your dreams are to play in a band, to run for office, or to start a non-profit — life impacts leadership.

This is my hope for you.

I want to help you grow and thrive personally and professionally.

To that end, I began “Get Your Business Done!” Life and Leadership Coaching. This enterprise is a combination of personal coaching I provide and an online coaching community.  You can get in on the ground floor of something special.

I help young adult leaders, seasoned veterans, and people in transition assess where they are and chart a course to where they want to be. I specialize in helping people like you overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.

With the I am grateful for the camaraderie of beautiful people. These friends and I have worked hard to create coaching materials, blog posts, and one-on-one coaching experiences that can enrich you, your life, and your ministry.

Of course, I am attempting to do all this while continuing to nurture my congregation of 18 years, my wife of 33 years, and my walk with Jesus of almost 40 years. I work evenings and weekends, keeping my day job first, so progress sometimes feels slow. But it’s also amazing how far we’ve come.

In devoting my life to life & leadership,

I have identified three desired outcomes which I can offer you:

  1. Health — I can help you to do the self-care, the soul care, and the people care you need to do. Physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and otherwise, I can help you get this important business done.
  2. Happiness — I know. We’re not supposed to care about ourselves,…we’re Christians, right? Our families can take one for the team, our spouses can get the leftovers, and we can burn ourselves out for God, right? Wrong. I can help you love your life, your ministry, and those who really need you.
  3. High Impact — You need to be awesome at what you do. You need to be reliable, trustworthy, and competent. Your church, your community, and the world at large should be better off because of you. Your organization should have top-notch leadership in you. I can help fill the gaps and take your contribution to another level.

Maybe I can help you somehow.

On this website, you can find resources, lessons, information, inspiration, and invitation…most of it free of charge. We are hoping to produce both free and premium content to help Christian leaders both survive and thrive in the situations they find themselves in.

Maybe you’ll be part of the story. If you need help in life and leadership, take the next step and share your journey with me.

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Whether you need guidance on your path in life, want to discover your unique strengths or just want to find out what life and leadership coaching is all about, Steve is here for you.